Pan-fried Loin of Pea Shell Farm Lamb – Chris Wheeler – Stoke Park

Pan-fried Loin of Pea Shell Farm Lamb

Served with a Mini Shepherd Pie, Rosemary and Garlic Roasted Root Vegetables, Redcurrant Jus

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Ingredients (Serves 4)

2 x 300g Lamb Loins

4 x sprigs of Red Currants

200ml x of Lamb Sauce

8 x cloves of Garlic (skin on)

4 x sprigs of Rosemary

1 x medium sized Turnip

1 x small Swede

1 x large Carrots

2 x sticks of Celery

1 x small Celeriac

8 x Cherry Tomatoes

1 x Parsnip

100ml x of lamb stock

200g x Minced Lamb

2 x Jacket Potatoes (turned into mash)

4 x sprigs of Thyme

1 x medium Onion

1 x Carrot

50g x Peas


(Shepherd’s Pie)

Finely dice the Onion and Carrot sweat in a little Olive Oil, add the minced Lamb, season with Salt and Pepper. Add the Lamb Stock and Peas, cook for ten minutes.

Grease a small Tian ring, half fill each ring with your Lamb mixture

Pipe the Mash Potato on top and garnish with a sprig of Thyme.

Place in a medium hot oven for ten minutes until the Mashed Potato is a golden brown

(Roasted Root Vegetables)

Peel all of the Vegetables and cut each Vegetable into different shapes. Blanch separately in boiling water.

Roast all of the Vegetables in a little Olive Oil and Butter with Garlic Cloves and sprigs of Rosemary


Season the Lamb and seal in a hot pan with a little Olive Oil.

Place in a warm oven for approximately 5 minutes or until the Lamb is cooked to your required taste.

To Serve

Place the Shepherds Pie at the top of the plate, carefully removing the Tian ring.

Place a selection of the Roasted Vegetables at the bottom of the plate.

Slice each Lamb Loin into twelve pieces.

Place six pieces of Lamb Loin on top of the Root Vegetables.

Warm the Red Currants up in the Lamb sauce.

Once warm, place on top of the Lamb Loin.

Pour a little sauce around the Lamb and Shepherd’s Pie and serve.

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